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I am Nasser Khan, the founder of Carn’s® Kulfi. The perfect gift for your loved ones or for your own indulgence. Carn’s® Kulfis are handmade using a closely guarded family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. Some things in life are special and can not be quantified, but can only be experienced through the five senses. Carn’s® Kulfi, established since 2002, is unique and obsessed in producing perfection to the extent of wanting our Kulfi to be displayed in a transparent casing for it to be seen and nothing to be hidden, an expression of true passion.

During the Covid-19 social isolation, we are making contactless deliveries within the M25 to homes and businesses.

Carn’s® Gift Box Options
1 Flavour per Box £2.41 per Kulfi

Choose from Malai, Pistachio, Mango, Honey Rose or Belgium Chocolate Kulfi. 7 Kulfis per Box.

Carn’s® Assorted Gift Box Option
7 Kulfis per Box PLUS 1 FREE Complimentary Kulfi In Each Assorted Gift Box.

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Each Assorted Kulfi Gift Box Contains 2 Malai, 2 Pistachio, 2 Mango, 1 Honey Rose and 1 Belgium Chocolate Kulfi. These Flavors Will Be In Your Assorted Gift Box.

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Box size: width 28 cm, length 22 cm, depth 5 cm (12-inch box size)

Carn’s® Kulfi Deliveries

Currently delivering within the M25

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3 – 6 working days lead time for delivery to be dispatched from the date the payment is received. 

For all deliveries in the (ULEZ) Ultra Low Emission Zone charge and Central London within the congestion charge zone OR OUTSIDE London and M25 contact us:

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(BACS Payments Available Upon Request) contact us:

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